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Welcome to the brand new Shoots Marketing Podcast! My name is Julia Williams and I am the founder and owner of Shoots Marketing Consulting. I will be interviewing business and marketing experts from all over the world regarding their successes (and failures), tips and tricks, hot new trends and much more. 

Join me on this journey as I explore the world of podcasts.

How to self-publish a book or e-book

Episode 2 - "How to self-publish a book or e-book" with Rocco Sorace from Vita Health and Fitness

25th August 2017:
Rocco Sorace from Vita Health and Fitness is a personal trainer, yoga and Pilates instructor, author and DVD presenter.
In this episode he shares useful tips regarding how to self-publish your own book or e-book.

To download a free copy of one of Rocco's cookbooks, go to www.vitahealthandfitness.com and sign up to his e-newsletter.

How to start a podcast - Sarah Williams

Episode 1 - "How to start a Podcast" with Sarah Williams from Tough Girl Challenges

12th July 2017:
Sarah Williams is an adventurer, blogger and podcaster with a large global following. She shares the tips and tricks on how to get started with podcasting and what to expect.

For more information on Sarah and Tough Girl Challenges, please visitwww.toughgirlchallenges.com.

Shoots Marketing Podcast - Episode 0

Episode 0 - "The introduction" with Julia Williams from Shoots Marketing Consulting

6th July 2017:
A quick introduction of myself, Julia Williams, founder and owner of Shoots Marketing Consulting, and an explanation of what has driven me to start a podcast.

Guest podcast from "Tough Girl Challenges": "Starting a business" with Julia Williams

9th May 2017:
I was interviewed by Sarah Williams for the "Tough Girl Challenges" podcast about starting my business. Hear about the challenges you have to overcome when you're starting out. 

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